Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 162

And so the glorious weather continues J
I had a bout of much welcome inspiration at the weekend when my nana asked me to drop her off at St Mary’s church in Horden, so that she could make a donation towards the new roof. I have now penned a new short story called Rooster Booster, which I will try my luck with in a competition soon. Hopefully I might also be able to use it in the Easington Writers Group Anthology, if it’s not too risqué – or indeed too strange.
I just wish inspiration would hit me like a bolt of lightning every day! With a few more horror shorts, I’m thinking of creating my own anthology for Kindle – so watch this space. So far I only have a fistful of suitable stories though, so it’ll be a little while yet.
As for Slippery Souls, I have just finished the second draft of chapter 4 – so I’m still making steady progress with it. Though I am getting to that dreaded stage of being sick to death of reading over the same stuff again and again and again – which is why I take welcome breaks in writing short stories in between, so I can go back to the novel with fresh eyes.
Speaking of breaks, I really must crack on with my Writer’s Bureau course too, only four more assignments to go and I’m suddenly dragging my heels! It’s the whole radio aspect that’s thrown me, but I’ve been listening to Rachel Cochrane’s audio play Dolly’s House, which is a gripping supernatural tale, divided into six parts. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the first two episodes and can’t wait for the next four instalments. It’s definitely inspired me to get on with my own radio play. If anybody’s interested, Rachel’s story can be found using the following link:
Well, I suppose that’s all of my news for now. Until next time...

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