Monday, 6 June 2011

Day 211

So much has happened this past week! Now where to start...
I suppose most importantly, I will start with a Slippery Souls update. Alas, I only have 14 chapters sorted for the second’s very slow going at the moment, because I’ve been busy with so much other stuff, oops.  I’ll be making a start on chapter 15 today though (which thankfully is a nice short and snappy chapter).
Last Wednesday I went to Beamish to read out my poem in the memorial chapel, for the 60th anniversary of the pit disaster. It was all quite nerve wracking really – the memorial chapel was absolutely crammed full, and it was my biggest audience yet. Luckily, I was standing up in the pulpit, so nobody in the audience was able to see my knees knocking together. Mind you, it didn’t go unnoticed by the other members of the Easington Writers who were sat behind! (Thanks guys for not laughing at me!).  Anyway, that’s all the pit disaster anniversary stuff wrapped up now...and we have an exciting new project ahead. The Durham Light Infantry Museum would like us to do some creative writing for them to read out on Friday 8th July. I don’t know all of the exact details just yet – so more on that later J
And then onto something non-writing related...

I went to Yorkshire for a girlie weekend with my mam and my friend Angela....which is why I haven’t got much writing done! On Saturday we visited Huddersfield and then Holmfirth – where they filmed Last of the Summer Wine. We enjoyed a nice cuppa in Sid’s Cafe, met some friendly (but toilet-hogging) bikers there and posed for photos on Nora Batty’s infamous steps. Then on Sunday we visited the original Woolpack pub from Emmerdale...and despite the fact that none of us even watch the programme, we still posed for photos outside. Unfortunately it was only 10am and it wasn’t open, so it’s with regret that I wasn’t able to have a pint there, pah! Then lastly we headed over to Haworth, which was apparently the home of the Bronte Sisters. I had no idea who they were, shamefully, until my mam muttered something about Wuthering Heights and Jane Ayre. I’ve vaguely heard of these before (though I’m more familiar with Kate Bush’s song), so we just did some retail therapy in Haworth instead of investigating the Bronte museum – period romance just isn’t our cup of tea. We arrived back home yesterday teatime, and I swear I could have slept for a week!
But I can’t. So okay, chapter 15, I’d better go and get started with that...
Well, maybe after I’ve looked at my photos from the weekend J

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  1. Ah the Bronte Sisters, bane of my life for the first four months of 2011 with this stupid literature module I was stuck on.

    I once met somebody from Holmfirth, a rather strange guy, interesting to visit I should imagine but I got the impression from that guy it might be a little Royston Vasey esque haha.

    You have incredible guts for doing your reading, pleased it is going well. I actually wanted to do my study on Easington Colliery including the disaster but it was too late a period for that module so ended up doing a study on mid to late Victorian Shotton Colliery instead.

    Ben x