Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Misery Loves Company

Easington Writers (a northeast writing group, of which I’m a member) were chosen to partake in a Brass Book Project. This exciting opportunity is being organised and funded by Durham City Arts, and the overall idea is to marry the Durham Brass Band Festival with the Durham Book Festival - blending traditional book binding with digital technology.
All eight members of Easington Writers have created a piece to go into the Brass Book (an eclectic mixture of short stories and poetry). My own piece ‘Misery Loves Company’ was inspired by a dream I once had - and it’s something that I wanted to be very visual, and in a similar style to a graphic novel.

The Brass Book will be displayed in varying libraries in the locality from July onwards (including Palace Green Library in Durham), and it will also be on display in a London art gallery. I’ll post more information about the Brass Book event times and places nearer the time and , for now, I’ll give a sneak preview of my contribution.

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