Friday, 20 July 2012

Love Your Park!

Wow, can you believe it? The weather forecast for this coming week is looking really promising - just as we’d about given up hope of having any kind of summer as well! I noticed yesterday while I was in my local supermarket that they’d slapped sale stickers on all the camping and BBQ equipment, and I’m pretty certain they were itching to replace the sorry-looking summer stock with snow shovels and tinsel just to have done with it, that’s how dreary things were looking. I’ve no doubt they’ll be peeling the sale stickers off those melamine plates and garden lanterns again now though, because people in their hordes will be loading their trolleys with disposable BBQs and crates of beer like there’s no tomorrow.

This long-anticipated weather front will very nicely coincide with National Love Parks Week - which, incidentally, starts tomorrow.
There’s nothing more therapeutic than for writers and readers alike to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors (unless you suffer from hayfever, of course, in which case you’d better load up on antihistamines and hankies). There’s something extremely liberating about sprawling out on a freshly mown lawn whilst reading a good book, or scribbling in a notepad away from the eye-ache of a laptop screen.

Love Parks Week is about celebrating public parks all over the country. It’s about indulging ducks in a gluttonous diet of your unwanted sandwich crusts, weighing up whether your adult-sized arse might still fit on the kiddies' swings or slide without becoming wedged, it’s about swatting away the abundance of wasps that pester the crap out of you when you crack open a can of pop or unwrap a sandwich from its clingfilm. It’s good to shake your travel rug loose and park yourself in a nice spot (preferably away from the sound of kids kicking balls around) and just unwind for a bit. So go on, embrace Love Parks Week and get out there!
…we’re counting on you Mr Sunshine, don’t let us down - please.

Oh and for a little outdoorsy summer read, here’s the link for a short horror story of mine called Church Fate - which is absolutely free to download. I wrote it last year in the midst of summer, my inspiration being a local church and vicar. When I drove my nana round to the church to make a donation for the roof repairs, I knew there was a story in there somewhere. Anyway, I had great fun writing it and I hope you have fun reading it J

Church Fate
Ramshead is a quite a boring little countryside village in the middle of nowhere, therefore absolutely nothing in the world could have prepared Trevor, the local vicar, for the bloody scene of hair-tearing madness at the church fete.

...seriously, nothing at all.

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