Friday, 31 August 2012

Once in a Blue Moon…

Well folks, I thought you’d be interested to know that tonight there will be a full moon - and it won’t just be any ordinary full moon. It’ll be a blue moon!

Now I’ve been familiar with, and have used, this expression since I was small. You know, stuff like:

“How often does the bus pass by?”

“Once in a blue moon - this place is out in the sticks.”

Yet, funnily enough, I didn’t know what a blue moon actually was - until recently.

So, in case there are any others out there who are as clueless as I was in regards to what a blue moon is, I shall enlighten you.

A blue moon isn’t as rare as you’d probably think. It’s when a full moon occurs twice in one calendar month. So because there was already a full moon on the 2nd August, this makes tonight’s full moon on 31st August a blue moon. (I must point out, the moon doesn’t actually turn a funky shade of blue or anything - it’ll look as it always does).

The last blue moon to happen was on 31st December 2009, which I suppose does make a blue moon fairly few and far between - perhaps not as uncommon as I’d initially imagined - but pretty damn cool all the same.

Now to celebrate my new understanding of blue moons and full moons, I’m going to do another promotional day for my short horror story Indefinite Fear. Well, an extra-special full moon is just the thing for all horror enthusiasts to get excited about, isn’t it? And hopefully my short story too!

So be quick - grab it while it’s free if you don’t already have it!

I’m now off to ponder what might happen to a werewolf during the phase of a blue moon. Whether they’re super-fuelled with an even stronger bloodlust, whether their claws and snouts grow that extra bit longer - or whether they’re all so knackered from the first full moon of the month that they take it easy on a blue moon? I definitely think some fun could be had with this train of thought…

Anyway enjoy the blue moon tonight, whatever you’re doing!

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