Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 8

A week has passed by...and hopefully so too have all the comments like ‘how does it feel to be a lady of leisure’ and ‘what will you do with all your spare time?’ – spare time!?? I’m not convinced some people take this writing project of mine as seriously as I do.
So for anybody who thinks I’ve been rolling out of bed at lunchtime, watching day time television for a few hours and jotting down a few sentences here and there, whilst sprawled on the couch in my pyjamas. This is what I’ve really been up to...
Assignment 14 of my coursework is now submitted and totally out of my hair, hooray. I’d written a short love story as the first part of the assignment (which was way out of my comfort zone, as it’s not my preferred genre), and for the second part I wrote a ghost story. And now it’s just a matter of waiting to hear back from my tutor, who will either give me the thumbs up (in which case I’ll try and get them published) or the thumbs down (in which case I’ll probably tear my hair out, have a little bit of a cry and then put them in a drawer to return to at a later date).
I also joined a writing group last Thursday– finally! Met some nice, friendly people there and I’ll be going again this week, so looking forward to that!
And most importantly, of course, I’ve been working on my book development – character profiles, background information on people and places (most of which probably won’t even get a mention in the book...but it all helps in case I ever plan a prequel! Ha ha), and a detailed synopsis – just to make sure the storyline runs smoothly. By doing this I have actually noticed a few flaws in my story, eek – which I’ll hopefully get straightened out this week.
So, it’s 9pm – and yes, I’m just clocking off now from writing (having been up since 6:45am!). Next time somebody asks me about my spare time, they might just well get a slap! Ha! J

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