Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 1

So, here it is – the official first day of my exciting new venture, Project Novel. I left my sensible job on Friday which conveniently coincided with Bonfire night, making the fireworks and celebrations all the more appropriate.
Now, where do I start…?
First thing’s first, I suppose. I need to make sure I have a good supply of wine and that it’s adequately chilled, then I need to blitz the house (tidy workspace equals tidy mind) – then I’ll dig out my first draft and re-familiarise myself with the storyline and characters. From there I’ll work on streamlining the plot –the part which scares me most. There’s so much going on in my head it’s a huge worry that I’ll not be able to knit it all together in a coherent fashion. Only time will tell.
I’ll also need to build up some extensive character profiles. Even though I know my heroine Libby is a redhead and that dark and brooding Grim has a tattoo on his head, I need to know what makes them tick, what their favourite catchphrases are and what underpants they wear (if any).
Okay, so that sounds like more than enough to be cracking on with this week, especially since I need to dream up a short story to submit for my coursework as well. Crikey, I’m going to be working all hours God sends – time to put my multi-tasking skills to the test I think.
Right, on that note I’d better go and get started…

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  1. Good Luck Rachael. Not that you'll need it. Things will kick in immediately I'm sure.