Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 183 - Halfway

I’m at the six month halfway point now – can’t believe I finished work that long ago! How time flies!
In regards to writing, I suppose honesty is the best policy...I’ve haven’t touched Slippery Souls at all this past week, eek. I’m yet to pick up chapter seven to begin editing, (I’ve been ridiculously busy with other stuff though – including babysitting my mam and dad’s dogs Basil, Ruby & Rafferty. Having four dogs around, as you can imagine, has been quite a handful. It’s been rather eventful in the Dixon household!!).
On a positive note, I’m making progress with Assignment 17 and have pretty much written my radio short story. Next I have to turn it into a twenty minute play for the second part of the assignment. I was hoping to get it submitted this coming Sunday – but I think I’m being a little too optimistic there.
So today I will pick up chapter seven and crack on with the editing process – think I’ll take the manuscript and my red pen out in the garden with the dog and do some sunbathing too, could do with some sun on my skin! J

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