Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 316

I feel very positive this week. I’ve made some very important decisions and I’m sticking with them! Slippery Souls will be published electronically only – and I’m looking at having a launch day sometime in mid-December. Hopefully I will look at dates this week and decide upon one, just so I have a target goal.
My front cover is coming on really well – apart from the fact that I accidentally created it as 72dpi, which is nowhere near good enough quality. So I need to go back to the drawing board and scale it up to 300dpi. Apart from that little technical hitch, I’m really loving the way it’s looking – and hopefully, all going well, I will be uploading it here next week for everyone to see.
I’ve been working on a new Facebook page too, which will be used to promote my book – but it’s not yet published. I’ll be working on that this week too, and will post the link here next week.
I also need to create my own website– though I have no idea where to begin, so lots of research is required. However this task won’t be underway until I have finalised the book cover design, because I’d like to keep everything stylised.
For now I don’t have any other writing news – everything else has gone on hold while I do some market research etc. Hopefully next week my updates will plentiful!

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