Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 100

A fortnight has passed since my last update, and it seems to have passed by in a blur – in a small whippet sized blur! The puppy is finally settling in to his new home, and he’s had his injection now which means he can go for walks by the time the weekend rolls round (unfortunately it was put back by a week due to him being a bit off colour). Thankfully this means I’ll be able to concentrate a lot more on my writing once again. That said, I’ve still made progress with Slippery Souls – I’m now onto chapter 10. This sounds fantastic, since I originally had 19 chapters outlined. Alas I decided to make my chapters shorter and snappier – so there are now 33 in total. Not even half way there yet! I’ll get there eventually though.
And on another positive note, I’ve submitted my 16th Writer’s Bureau assignment – so only 4 more to go till I finish my course! J


  1. Many congrats Rachael on getting your 16th assignment in only 4 more to go! And good luck with slippery souls, I am sure you will get there eventually!

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