Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Day 86

So, that’s six chapters of Slippery Souls completed and now onto chapter 7 this week. I’m not sure just how productive I’ll be however, as well as having a stinking cold, Derek and I have just adopted a 12 week old whippet who is a whirlwind of energy around the house – from chasing his tail and chewing things that he shouldn’t be chewing, to jumping around on the couch and doing laps of the sitting room with Mr Stripey Legs dangling from his mouth, he’s certainly time consuming ha ha. Thankfully he has plenty baby naps throughout the day though – so I guess that’s when I’ll be doing chapter 7.
Roll on next week when he has his puppy vaccination and he can finally go out into the big wide world for lots of tiring walks! Chapter 8 might not feel like such an uphill struggle by that point J

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