Monday, 11 July 2011

Day 246

Hooray, second draft of Slippery Souls is finally complete. 

So what now? 

There’s a timeline that runs throughout the whole book, which specifies time and location at the beginning of each chapter – so I need to make sure all timings are correct. And then I’m going to print a copy of the manuscript out and hand it over to my dedicated beta reader (my Auntie Liz) to go through – and she will hopefully give me some constructive (but kind) feedback. So that’s my next step – hope to have the manuscript with her by Thursday.

Okay, so what else has been happening?

On Friday the Easington Writers (including myself) performed poetry at the Durham Light Infantry Museum alongside trombonist Alan Tomlinson, who was playing artist Kate William’s glass trombone. This was the first time this had been done – and it was a very different experience! 

I performed my poem Dirty Phone Call, which was inspired by the glass and breath theme:

Hello? Hello! Is anyone there?
Is it you again? I cannot tell.
If you’ve nowt to say, then go away
What’s that you say? Really? Well!
You call all hours, breathing hard
Expecting me to listen
Ask what I’m wearing, without caring
About the fact I’ve got a life
I’m someone’s wife, I will not hear
While you grunt and groan at me
I’m not the type for all this hype
I’m a respectable lass, you see
So tell the truth, are you in a booth?
Steaming up the glass
You’ve got such face, in a public place
To act so very crass
So forget it please, you’d better stop
This isn’t turning me on
And what kind of man must you be
To do these things for fun?
I’m hanging up, my husband’s home
This has really gone way too far
Stop wasting my time, that’s enough, goodbye!
By the way, I’m not wearing a bra...

This week the Easington Writers will be making a trip to the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough to do some writing for a competition being ran by Rachel Cochrane from The deadline is the end of this month – so we’d better be quick! This is to mark the 100th birthday of the bridge.

My travel blog has been updated with a day trip to Blackpool, called Horror at the Pleasure Beach, so please check that out:
And I think that’s about all of my news for this week – I still haven’t touched assignment 17 of my Writers Bureau coursework! Maybe whilst I’m awaiting my Auntie’s verdict regarding Slippery Souls I can crack on with some of that...hopefully.

Anyway, keep enjoying the lovely weather, and I’ll be back with more news next week...

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