Monday, 3 October 2011

Day 330

Here’s how things stand this week. I’ve put some website design ideas on my new blog  and I’m in the process of sorting out quotes and designs for it all to come together – which is very exciting.
My sister-in-law is around three quarters of the way through my manuscript now, so I’m thinking I’ll maybe get her editing/critiquing pointers back by the end of October perhaps.
This week I’m going to be doing some more illustrations for the website, I plan on making lots of notes for the sequel (and I might even make a start on it), and I may start to go through the second draft of Monday too (if I get time).
I’m also trying to squeeze in plenty of reading time too – I have a whole list of books to get through, and of course, there’s nothing better for inspiring good writing than reading! I’m about halfway through The Devil’s Graveyard by Anonymous (the anonymous writer of The Book With No Name). It’s a bit of a piss-take of The X-Factor, and so far I’m really enjoying it – the dialogue is often very amusing, and I’ve had a few laugh-out-loud moments. This is the third book in the series from an originally self-published author, I believe, and the witty tone and the bizarre characters are such good fun. I often wonder why on earth The Book With No Name hasn’t been made into a film yet?!
Last Thursday all of the Easington Writers (including myself) got together for a full day workshop to compile all of our stories and poems for the new anthology. We managed to get the order sorted and we also agreed on a title – Footprints by the Water’s Edge. Terry Dobson is going to take care of the editing/formatting, and I’m going to see if I can come up with some front cover ideas.
And that’s about all of my news for this week. I hope you’re all enjoying this freakishly warm weather – and hey, you never know, when I next update this, it could well be snowing!

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