Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day 338

A company called Work Creative are taking care of my website creation, so I’ve submitted my initial design ideas to them – and I’m still working on the remaining page designs. My Photoshop trial ended yesterday though, and I’m waiting for my proper version to arrive any day now – so everything is on hold in regards to the final designs.
I’ve been busy designing a book cover for the Easington Writers anthology Footprints by the Water’s Edge too. Though I need to wait and see how big it’s going to be before I can finalise it, so I know how thick to make the spine.
Unfortunately I haven’t done any actual writing for what seems a while now – but I think I will use the time between having no Photoshop to make a start on Book Two of the Sunray Bay Series. I’m thinking of calling the second book Dead Souls or The Forgotten Ones…but I’m not sure which yet, if either.
I haven’t really got any other news at the moment – even though it’s all go. Hopefully I’ll have more stuff to share next week!

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