Monday, 31 October 2011

Day 358

Day 358
Happy Halloween!
The final draft of Slippery Souls is now complete – so it’s been put away, out of reach. I’ll go back over it one more time after a couple of weeks, and then that’s that! I refuse to re-work it any further! J
Still not decided on a printer or a launch venue as of yet – so I have plenty to be thinking about during these next couple of weeks.
The launch date for the Easington Writers’ book is all set for 3rd December – everything for that seems to be coming together as planned, including an open bar and some festive mince pies to nibble on. It’s a free event and anybody is welcome to come along. All members will be doing a brief reading from the book, and then there’ll be an opportunity to purchase the book afterwards. It’ll be on sale at £7.50.
I’ve no other writing news – except to say that Spinetinglers’ 2011 Anthology and Static Movement’s Sowing the Seeds of Horror Anthology are both going to print today – I have a short story in both of them, so very exciting times!

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