Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 376

This update’s a little bit late because I’ve been lounging about on far flung beaches for the past fortnight, ahem. But anyway, as you can see, I’ve now passed the one year mark – so I think it’s only right that I rename this blog! It’s now officially just an extension of ‘a year in the life of’, sort of like a general writing journal.
So, apart from a mucky looking tan that will probably peel off after a few washes, what’s new? Not much to be honest – I’ve done nothing but read and relax!
To begin with I read Dawn French’s A Tiny Bit Marvellous on the beach – which was light-hearted and rather funny (hope to read more from her soon). And then I totally changed the tone by reading Stephen King’s Danse Macabre – which was quite interesting, if not a little outdated perhaps (he talks about horror literature and films from the 1960s up to 1980, so most of them were before my time anyway – though some cult classics all the same. It would be good if he did a Danse Macabre Volume 2 from the 1980s to present day). Anyway, the book rekindled a desire to read all of James Herbert’s books again – he was my horror inspiration during the 80s!
Slippery Souls has been tucked away out of sight for a few weeks now, and I fully intend on going through the fourth and final draft from Monday onwards. Exciting times indeed!
Oh and how could I forget? I entered a short horror story of mine called Night Night to Pill Hill Press in America, to be included in an anthology of theirs called Bugs!, and when I arrived home yesterday I found an acceptance email and contract in my inbox. Hooray!
Spinetinglers Anthology 2011 is now available to purchase on Amazon as both Kindle (86p) and book format (£7.98), if anybody is interested (this was the anthology my short horror story Pig Ignorant was voted to be included in).

Ok, so until next week – I’d better go and unpack these suitcases...

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