Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 393

Right, back to weekly updates I think.
What’s been happening since the last update, apart from Christmas sneaking up…?
First and foremost, Slippery Souls has been sent to the printer to be set up. This could take anywhere between 7-21 days – but as soon as it’s set up, I’ll be able to order a copy to proof read. And until I’ve done the proof read on the actual book, I’m putting the Kindle/Smashwords formatting on hold.
Obviously it’s definitely not possible to launch the book before Christmas now, so I’ve pencilled in Saturday 28th January instead. So I suppose, if anything, I’ll be starting 2012 with a blast.
To print the book, I decided to go with Arts Council funded company Feed A Read – and so far my dealings with them have been very efficient and easy. The book will be listed with them for £6.99, and I intend on paying to have them distribute it to all the major booksellers too (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc) – where it will be listed as £7.99. It’s free to list books with Feed A Read, and if your book is in the top ten at certain intervals throughout the year, the first couple of chapters are reviewed by major publishing houses – which can be no bad thing! The royalties are high with Feed A Read too – for every book sold via themselves, I will make around £2.22.
Anyway, here’s the cover of Slippery Souls as it looked when I uploaded it to Feed A Read:

Onto other news…
Easington Writers launched its new anthology Footprints at the Water’s Edge on Saturday 3rd December.

The event was held at Easington Welfare Hall, where we meet every week, and there was quite a good turnout. We sold around 70 books, and still have a few orders for people who couldn’t make the launch. If anybody else would like a copy, please contact me. The books are priced at £7.50.

Me doing a reading from the book

Easington Writers celebrating with champagne

Finally, I’ve created a new generic writing website for myself – there’ll be little bits of everything on there (short stories, poems, news), so please check it out:
I think that’s all of my news for now…but if I think of anything else, I’ll be back. Anyway, I’m off to prepare the house now for some Christmas decorations. If I don’t make the effort I feel like I’ll never get into the Christmas spirit and will turn into Ebenezer Scrooge, eek.

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