Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 456

Only 12 days to go! I’m buzzing with excitement - yet scared to death. It’s a strange feeling. Still got plenty of organising to do for the big day, so I need to get it all ironed out by the end of the week - (don’t want to be leaving stuff till the last minute). But at least the books have arrived - all six boxes of them - so that’s the main thing. Oh and I’m hoping the snow buggers off! People might not be able to make it if the roads are scary - and it’ll play havoc with my preferred launch day footwear!
Some positive news is that I’ve got a meeting with Newcastle Library later this month to discuss the possibility of organising some sort of event for Slippery Souls. And, hopefully, I may also be doing an event at Sunderland Library. It’s great to see that there’s support for local authors!
I’ve been sorting my manuscript out this week ready for Kindle and Smashwords. Kindle is pretty straight forward - but I must admit, Smashwords has had me pulling my hair out a little. It’s just all the different versions of Word and not being able to find the right functions etc that’s given me a headache. I’ll get there in the end though - even if it kills me!
Anyway, in other news…
A while ago I wrote a short story called Church Fate - which was inspired by a local church and vicar. It was accepted into Static Movement’s Summer Thrills anthology months ago and has finally been published. It can be bought at Amazon here:

This week’s Writer Showcase interview is with Jennifer Quail. Her book Strange Roads (Book One in of Omens in the Night) is about two Mages – one of whom is an ex-Navy test pilot and the other of whom is a Senate staffer. To find out more, read her interview here…
I don’t think I have much more to say this week really, so I’ll wrap it up now.
See ya’s all next week!

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