Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 463

Only 5 more days to go until Slippery Souls goes public - and my emotions are up and down like a yo-yo. One minute I’m super excited - the next I’ve got a feeling of cold dread. I suppose it’s all pretty normal though - I’ve waited most of my life for this moment, so it feels nicely surreal, yet I’m not cocky enough to not feel nervous.
The launch planning is almost complete - apart from table confetti (because my craft punch keeps buggering up). Oh and cake - I’ve yet to order the cake!
I was interviewed by The Sunday Sun last week (though not sure whether the feature will be in The Sunday Sun, The Chronicle or The Journal as of yet), and the photographer came out to get some pics on Saturday afternoon - he even took some of me with Marvin J The Hartlepool Mail rang me on Saturday afternoon too, and did a phone interview - their photographer will be coming out later today. I’ve also managed to get some good publicity via Teesside University, thanks to Claire at the Alumni Department. And I suppose all of this has come about because of my ex-Team Leader Kath, who’s been an absolute star!
In other news, I found out on Saturday (Saturday was a good day!) that a short story of mine, Fallen, has been accepted for the February edition of Bent Masses - I’ll post the link as soon as I have it.
I’m really not sure whether I’ve covered everything this week, but, as it stands, I have hundreds of things rattling around in my head (so much so, it feels like my brain might explode) - I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY hectic week.
Anyhow, next time I update this blog my ‘big day’ will be over - wish me luck!!!

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