Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 470

Wow, it’s done. Slippery Souls has finally been slipped to the public!

Saturday 18th February, the official launch day, was fabulous - I couldn’t have hoped for a better turnout and show of support! Despite dreading making a speech, I managed to get through it well enough without fainting or anything - which was perhaps thanks to the two glasses of wine I’d had beforehand, but I’d rather like to think it’s because I’m getting used to these things a bit more now.

My friend, and fellow writer, Chris Robinson introduced me with a fabulous little speech of her own - and then once the public speaking was over, I signed lots of books, eat lovely food - and, of course, drank more wine!

Below are a few choice photos from the event (courtesy of David T Knaggs -

I have two competitions running at the moment. The first one is to win the chance of having a character named after you in the sequel to Slippery Souls - full information on how to enter can be found here:

And the second competition, to be in with the chance of winning a free paperback copy of The Forgotten Ones (Book Two in the Sunray Bay Series), requires nothing more than sending me your name and email address (contact me via this blog or via the contact page at before 31st December 2012. One winner will be selected at random and notified on 1st January 2013.

Now, I’m feeling quite excited today because there's been some pieces in a few of the local newspapers about me. Apparently I featured in The Hartlepool Mail on Saturday (which I unfortunately missed). And then I featured in yesterday’s Sunday Sun:

And today’s Northern Echo:

So, what now? Well, apart from hoping that everybody else falls in love with Libby (and especially Grim) as much as I did, I certainly won’t be breathing a sigh of relief and relaxing - I’ve got tons of promoting to do. Oh and I’ve got the sequel to write somewhere in between! I have a feeling this next year could be even more busy than the last.

In other news, I was accepted as a World Book Night giver - hooray! And I got my first choice book - Someone Like You by Roald Dahl. So I need to get planning my little Book Night event.

My Writer Showcase interview this week is with Phil Grabowski, where he talks about his post-modern book Se’irim Satyr. Check it out here:

And my short story, Fallen, is now on the Bent Masses website:

Ok, I’m sure there’s plenty more stuff that I have to say - but my head is crammed so full of things that I ‘must do’. So I’ll sign off and leave it at that for now.


Paperback versions from FeedARead:

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  1. Absolutely fabulous! It would appear that you had a grand time at your debut. Such fun. Good luck!

    Callie Kingston