Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Day 268

No news on the Slippery Souls front – and I haven’t looked further into literary agencies or publishers either (I’ve been too busy with other stuff this week).

Hmmm, so what writing news do I have?

My new novel Monday is steadily progressing – 4 chapters complete, which is 20k words. But again, not much more than that to report. See, I’ve been busy chilling out and camping at the Magic Loungeabout festival and I took a four day break from writing. I did however see Kate Fox (journalist/poet) doing a spot on stage at the Food for Thought tent whilst there. She stepped in for Robin Ince, who couldn’t make it, and she performed some of her poetry and gave us a comedy recap of the news headlines of that morning. It was a very enjoyable hour – and impressive that she stepped up to the task at such short notice. 

I’ve updated my travel blog with details from the refined unwind at the Magic Loungeabout. It can be found in the usual place: http://rachaelhdixonstravels.blogspot.com/

Now relaxed and chilled out, I’d better get typing again!

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