Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 428

Slippery Souls book launch is now officially set to Saturday 18th February! I’m excited that a date has been set – though slightly disappointed it’s postponed. The tight schedule for the previous ‘hoped for’ launch date was getting much too close for comfort – especially since I haven’t heard back from the printers yet. How awkward and embarrassing would that have been – a launch with no books! Anyway, at least mid-February gives me plenty of time to be organising some marketing bits and pieces, invites and party things. I will be booking the venue this week – so all the details for that will be given with next week’s update.

I decided to create a new section of my website to showcase other writers, aiming to put a new writer interview on there every Thursday. So far I have some varying treats in store (the schedule is booked up now until the end of March with writers from all over the world – and I also have a possible freebie giveaway coming up too). The first interview is with fellow northeast writer Chris Robinson – a freelance writer, who has a particular passion for performance poetry. Performance poetry wasn’t something I was familiar with until Chris spoke to me about it – and if you aren’t familiar with it either then I urge you to check it out. It’s both clever and entertaining. See Chris’ interview here:
And, of course, if you’re a writer and would like to feature on my website then please drop me a line at rachaelhdixon @ (obviously omitting the spaces – oh and remember the second ‘a’ in Rachael, it can be a pesky little thing at times!)
Today I’m officially ‘back to work’ after the Christmas break, and I have a pretty busy schedule. Work on The Forgotten Ones (sequel to Slippery Souls) begins, the second draft of Monday (my women’s fiction novel) needs to get underway, I’ve taken on board a challenge set by Easington Writers to write a ‘long’ story (which, for me, is actually going to be another novel – a chiller called Little Blue Eyes), and I aim to have my Writers Bureau course finished by the end of April. I’m not sure when I’m going to fit sleep into this schedule – but I’m a woman on a mission!

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