Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 421

Happy New Year! Let’s live 2012 like there’s no tomorrow – because, unless the Mayans couldn’t be bothered to draft up any more calendar years, this could be our last! (I suspect 21st December will come and go and we’ll still all be here – but I do love a good conspiracy theory nonetheless).
I’m still waiting for the go-ahead from Feed A Read to print another author copy of Slippery Souls to verify – so no news on that front. But some of my marketing bits and bobs arrived in the post this week, and I’m going to see about booking a venue for my launch party within the next week or so – it’s all starting to feel very real.
Apart from over-indulging on merlot and Christmas chocolates I haven’t been up to much as far as writing’s concerned – though I have decided to run a new section on my website to showcase other writers. Check out the link below, (and if you’re a writer who fancies being interviewed then please drop me a line at – don’t forget the second ‘a’ in Rachael though, it’s a pesky little thing at times) J
Ok, I have nothing else to report – so I’m going to go and drink more, eat more and carry on being merry. Well, I may as well, I’m not officially back at ‘work’ until next week J

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