Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 435

Boo! It’s cold and white outside. I hate wintry weather post-Christmas – it should be against the law. And to add to my feelings of grouchiness, I haven’t heard back from the printer still! I’ve sent the publisher an email this morning to make sure everything is alright – which I’m sure it will be. Any day now my book will be ready to order *she says nervously*

I’m going to book the launch venue tomorrow night – so it better be!!!
I’ve started the sequel to Slippery Souls, The Forgotten Ones, and should have the first draft of Chapter 1 finished by the end of today. Despite having done a little planning first, I was actually quite surprised where the story took me when I started typing – but it’s a good thing I suppose, because it means my characters are ‘talking’ to me J Work on my other two novels-in-progress is slow – but steady. And I’m finally making headway with my Writers Bureau coursework – hallelujah! I had to write a short story which was suitable for radio – so I wrote a story of around 2000 words, which would run at about 13 minutes. I then had to turn it into a 20 minute radio play (which would equate to 20 pages) – but so far I’m coming in at about 12 pages, so I’m fairly under! More work on that this week though, and I hope to get it submitted by Wednesday.
This Thursday the other Easington Writers and I will be having our first workshop in conjunction with the new Durham Brass Festival project we’ll be involved in, which is called Brass Book. At the moment we don’t know a great deal about what this will entail exactly, but we know it’ll combine traditional books with digital books somehow, and that it’ll be directed by artist and writer Stevie Ronnie.
There’s a new Writer Showcase interview on my website. This week it’s Australian epic fantasy writer Rosemary Fryth talking about her books in the Riothamus trilogy. Check it out here: - and, of course, if you know of anybody who’s a fan of fantasy and is looking for something new to read, then please pass on the link J
Hopefully next week I’ll be telling you that my books are on order and I’ll be letting you know the times and venue for the launch – keep your fingers crossed for me!!
Anyway, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures I took yesterday while out walking the dog at Finchale Abbey – just in case they might inspire you, I dunno, to write a spooky story or something J

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