Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 442

Hooray, my author copy of Slippery Souls is ordered and should be on its way to me very soon. Hopefully it’ll be a case of giving it a quick flick through and then placing a bulk order for the launch day. I’m not nit-picking for typos or anything at this stage, it’s too late for that now – it’s just to make sure that the book is visually acceptable.
Anyway, here are the launch day details:
Saturday 18th February at The Hazelwell Centre, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DY from 2pm – 4pm. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits (and for those who aren’t driving, the bar will be open).  Paperback versions of Slippery Souls will be on sale for £6.99 – which I will be only too happy to sign. So feel free to pop along and join in the celebration!
With only 26 days to go, it feels as though I have a list as long as my arm of things to organise and sort – decorations (you know, table confetti, tablecloths, centre pieces and all that malarkey), reading and introduction (ask somebody to introduce me and then decide whether to do a reading from the book, and, if so, how long for) helpers (to give me a hand selling books, and to fetch me drinks on request, haha), background music, and lots of other little fiddly things. Oh and I may even have a bash at creating a book trailer to put on You Tube!
Chapter one of The Forgotten Ones has been drafted and I’d like to complete chapter two this week. My seventeenth assignment for the Writers Bureau has been submitted – only three more to go!!! And I’m still chipping away at the second draft of Monday – would love to get that out by the end of summer. I don’t believe I’ve given much away about it yet – so here’s the proposed book jacket blurb:
Not many people like Mondays, do they? It’s a given. So imagine what it’s like being me – my name is Monday Harris, and it just so happened to be a Monday when Sully left me; the day before my thirtieth birthday…
Pet portrait artist Monday suddenly finds that her life sucks to high heaven. And, as she struggles to come to terms with her husband running off with another woman, she tries to rediscover who she actually is – which requires some dredging up of the past.
Can she ever be happy again, or was she always destined to be let down by those closest to her?

This week’s interview on my Writer Showcase is with writer William E Belanger. He’s the author of Ice Cats, which is a fictional story about a women’s ice hockey team. He describes the team as being a particularly wild bunch of girls – so if that sounds like your sort of thing, check out his interview here: (he assures me that you don’t necessarily have to be a woman or an ice hockey fan to enjoy it).
Oh and the Static Movement anthology Sowing the Seeds of Horror (which my short story Dempsey’s Demons is in) is now available to buy here:

Ok, I believe that’s all of my news for this week – so I guess I’ll go and work through my ever expanding list of ‘things to do’!

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  1. My, but you're a busy lady! Congratulations on your book launch. That sounds like such fun. And if you do have a go creating a book trailer, tell us about it -- I'm considering that, too.

    Callie Kingston